Coaching Resources

Are you new to coaching and need a go-to-guide?

There will be several new rules and changes to existing rules this year.  We’ve made a small cheat sheet with goal size, ball size, fields of play and number of players on the field along with a few extras. We hope it helps and don’t hesitate to contact your age-level commissioner for any questions. 

U5-6 Modified Rules

U8 Modified rules

U10 Modified rules


Player Health & Safety

Player health and safety are of the utmost importance to JSA and US Youth Soccer.  You will find information on injury prevention and recovery, head injuries, environmental conditions, cardiac conditions, and nutrition at the above link provided by US Youth Soccer.  Please educate yourself, player, and families on how to keep players healthy throughout the season.


North Texas Coaching License

An “F” license from North Texas will grant you access to great coaching education tools like: videos, drills, and tutorials.  The license costs $25 but that will be reimbursed by JSA with a receipt.


US Youth Soccer Coaching Resources

You can find coaching resources at US Youth Soccer also.  There are great resources here as well as information for players and parents.